Competition 2022 Big Data and City ─Spatial design for well-being─

Judge: Yuji Yoshimura

Competition 2020 Sustainability and Urbanism – Housing and Life in the Future

Judge: Christoph Ingenhoven

Competition 2019 Living in the Future


Judge: Nader Tehrani, Mark Lee, Lisa Iwamoto, Barbara Bestor, Cristina Parreño Alonso , Alan Goldberg (Professional Advisor)

Competition 2018 AI Houes

Judge: Shohei Shigematsu

Competition 2017 House of Dimentions

Judge: Go Hasegawa

Competition 2010 A New Spirit

Judge: Ryue Nishizawa

Competition 2009 The Residence-From Our Having Lived the Movie Century

Judge: Jun Aoki

Competition 2008 Four Square House Design Problem(Homage to John Hejduk)

Judge: Raphael Moneo

Competition 2007 A House with “Resale Value”

Judge: Kazuhiro Kojima

Competition 2006 The Plan-Less House

Judge: Kengo Kuma

Competition 2005 ACTION for SUSTAINABILITY

Judge: Tadao Ando, Richard Rogers

Competition 2004 House of Mulitiple Dimensions

Judge: Steven Holl

Competition 2003 Architecture Virus

Judge: Ken Sakamura

Competition 2002 Dwelling where the Muses are served / spared emptiness

Judge: Daniel Liberskind

Competition 2001 SURROUND/DATAHOUSE beyond the normal

Judge: Winy Maas